RLC Ventures are the only VC globally who pledge a portion of exit proceeds to charities of our founders choice. Read more about the process below.

Venture Pledge

How It Works

Founders Choose a Social Cause

Our founders choose a meaningful cause that is personal and important to them. Previous examples include: eradicating poverty, achieving universal primary education and promoting gender equality.


Exit Profits Distributed to Cause

A portion of our carry fees are donated to this chosen cause, aligning our investments with the values held by our founders.

The Venture Pledge Makes a Lasting Impact

Through this pledge, RLC Ventures helps to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, in order to “end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all”.

Who our companies are supporting
" I have supported YUVA Unstoppable for a majority of my career. It is a charity that is close to my heart and is a great feeling to know that proceeds from our success at Betting Metrics will go towards supporting children and education in India." - Martin Grosev, CEO of Bettingmetrics
"We would like to support Young Minds and all of the work they are doing in solving the ongoing mental health crisis across the UK." - Nick Fellingham, CEO of Condense Reality.
"Snehalaya means 'Home of Love', and was founded to provide support for women, children and LGBT communities, who have been affected by HIV and AIDS, trafficking, sexual violence, and poverty. There are 2.1 million people living with HIV, and an estimated 130,000 people die of AIDS each year. The Greendeck team is happy to support and help Snehalaya." - Aayush Jain CEO of Greendeck
"As a prominent member of the Gaming community it gives the Labworks team great joy to support Special Effect, a charity that focus on helping the disabled have fun through playing video games. Our partnership with RLC is made that much sweeter knowing our success will be shared with the Special Effect organisation." - Tom Hewitson, CEO of Labworks
"Cancer Research UK is a charity that is very close to my heart. I am pleased to be supporting them through RLC's Venture Pledge, and hope we can make a difference for millions of people impacted by cancer globally." - Filip Karadaghi, CEO of LandlordInvest.