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Reece Chowdhry



Reece is the Founding Partner of RLC Ventures and a multi-award-winning venture capitalist, as well as being one of the top 15 most active angels in the UK.

He graduated from Durham University, and following that he joined Ernst & Young as a technology management consultant and qualified as an accountant. He has founded, invested in, and sold tech startups for over 15 years, from idea to IPO.

Reece is passionate about giving back to society via the Venture Pledge. In his spare time is partial to a round of golf and is an avid Manchester United fan.

Reece is a member of the UKBAA and EISA.

RLC Focus:

Reece's experience building companies from the ground up within the finance and enterprise space makes him well suited to lead RLC's focus on B2B.

He has a particular focus on B2B Software and Fintech.

Inspirational Dinner Party Guest:

Sir Alex Ferguson