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Jair Paula Jr.



Jair is a Partner at RLC Ventures and has been an active angel investor for the past 7 years.

He previously successfully scaled a business in the Hospitality & Events industry in Brazil and following that he formed part of the Investment team of a family office based in London where he focused on supporting startups with their international expansion.

Jair is passionate about music - in his spare time he enjoys listening to his vinyl collection, producing new songs with friends and playing as a DJ at various events.

RLC Focus:

Jair's experience as an international founder and investor enables him to relate to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the early days of building a company, as well as when expanding to new markets.

More recently, he has been focusing on Fintech and on the development of a cross-border strategy that will enable our portfolio companies to expand to new markets more easily.

He has a particular focus on B2B Software and Fintech.

Inspirational Dinner Party Guest:

Ben Horowitz