Organise empowers workers to campaign for better rights.


Organise was founded in 2018 in London by Nat Whalley (CEO) and Bex Hay (CTO).

Organises mission is to give everyone the tools, support and confidence to improve their life at work.

Organise is a worker-driven network of half a million people who support each other at work.

Their online network exposed harassment at Ted Baker, won a pay rise for Superdrug warehouse staff and helps hundreds of thousands of people call out bad bosses.  

Read more about their high profile wins over at their blog:

Nat Whalley (CEO) Bex Hay (CTO)

Why We Invested in Organise

Organise is the digital platform built to protect workers rights. As with all of our investments, we like to write a quick note summarising what got us excited about this team and opportunity.

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Why We Invested in Organise