Dorm is building the first University for the Passion Economy.
Taras Polischuk


Dorm was founded in London in 2020 by Ranbir Arora (CEO) and Taras Polischuk (COO).

Dorm is a business building a new education system for the passion economy. The Passion Economy is defined broadly as a new format of monetising audiences - where individuals can earn a living through self-expression and individual creativity (think Twitch Streamers, TikTok Stars, Youtubers, Bloggers etc.)

Launching in December 2020, the platform currently uses podcasts and content from the world’s leading entrepreneurs, YouTubers & Venture Capitalists to guide students on how to launch their own careers in these fields; featuring guests such as the founders of Snapchat, top music labels and leading YouTube channels.

Dorm raises $1m - University of the Passion Economy

Announcing our investment in Dorm - building the University for the Passion Economy, empowering creators to build the content empires of tomorrow. We co-led this round alongside Playfair Capital.

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October 12, 2020