Crowd Data Systems
Crowd Data Systems is redefining cash forecasting.
Steve Whalley


Crowd Data Systems (CDS) was founded in Chelmsford Essex in 2020 by Steve Whalley and Kelly Scammell.

CDS provides intuitive cloud-based software that helps businesses thrive.

Existing treasury systems have slowly evolved from original client/server applications to 'private-cloud' or SaaS solutions, but the fundamental legacy remains; highly configured to individual users, costly to maintain and difficult to update.

CDS brings a new design from the ground up, allowing treasurers to easily adopt peer-led standards in an eco-system that is continuously updated.

Why We Invested In Crowd Data Systems

A short note from us as to why we invested in Crowd Data Systems. Read for more on how we met the excellent team that is disrupting the treasury management space.

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October 11, 2020