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David Rai - Bootstrapping from £0 to £10m+

Tune in to David Rai talk about building GVE from zero to a million pound business. GVE London is one of the leading independent suppliers of supercars and luxury cars. With full dealership facilities we are proud to stock premium marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley and many more.


Sach Kukadia - Starting a new venture

Tune in to Sach Kukadia - Founder and Ex-CEO of SecretSales, detail about how he successfully built SecretSales and what advice he gives to people looking to start out something new.


Rhiannon Evans-Young - Building a brand as a start-up

Tune into to hear expert advise from Rhiannon Evans-Young. Founder and CEO at Crest~Comms, a PR firm that assists start-ups and scale-ups in creating a great global brand that resonates with their client base and users.


Firdaus Nagree - Bio-Hacking and how routine can benefit you

Listen to Firdaus Nagree, the CEO of FCI London, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, father, husband and passionate scuba diver who has founded or funded numerous successful companies since 1999. After beginning his career as a strategy consultant with Accenture, Firdaus quickly became involved in the London property scene, trading properties from the age of 21. He began investing in equities in 1999; Google and Apple being some of his early investments. Firdaus is a big believer of Bio-Hacking and uses it to improve his daily life and reach his goals.


Aayush Jain - How to prioritise goals effectively

Listen to Aayush Jain, Co-Founder of Greendeck, a pricing analytics tool for the retail sector, talk about how to effectively prioritise goals, where to start when setting goals and how to keep track and maintain progress of goals, both personal and company related. To vote on next weeks topic of discussion follow Reece Chowdhry on LinkedIn/Twitter @ReeceChowdhry or @RLCVentures