Investment Criteria

We only invest in a handful of startups each year - all of which fit the following criteria.

Investment Criteria

We invest anywhere between £250,000 - £1,000,000 into companies that are changing the ways weWork,Playand Learn.

Raising Under £2m

Founders should be raising under £2 Million in order to be eligible to apply for funding with RLC Ventures. We back companies at their first or second funding stages (pre-seed and seed), so any rounds larger than this will most likely be too late.

MVP/Early Revenue

We back founders early, although we typically look for companies with an MVP or some degree of commercial traction first.

UK Headquartered

We require all companies to be headquartered here in the UK. We are excited to meet companies across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - and are not limited to only investing in London!

Within Our Verticals

We invest in businesses that are changing the worlds of Work, Play and Finance. All of these categories are fairly broad, but if you are unsure whether or not you are a fit, please refer to our portfolio page.

Software Enabled

We have seen first-hand the ways in which software scales, and with this in mind we require companies to posses the ability to reach a significant valuation within 5 years. We don't invest in Hardware or Life Sciences.

Committed to the Cause

We believe founders should provide as much upfront commitment to their venture as possible, but we understand that some founders may not have the financial means to commit full-time. The more commitment you can demonstrate, the better.

Our Process

Hover over each number for further details. More information can be provided during the initial meeting.


Initial Meeting

A 30 minute meeting with the RLC Ventures team. You will present your business & discuss your fundraise.


Partner Meetings

The next step is further meetings with Investment Partners, reviewing your business model & product roadmap.


Due Dilligence

Following an Investment Committee decision, Due Diligence is conducted on the company, founders, technology.


Term Sheet

The final stage is the provision of a Term Sheet. This is followed by legal Due Diligence and a final close.

Click the button below to submit a funding application form. If we agree there is a good fit, one of our team will be in touch shortly. Due to the number of applications we see, we cannot provide feedback to all submissions.


Something not clear from our website? Check out some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and our answers below.

Does RLC Ventures lead rounds?

Yes. We lead funding rounds around 45% of the time, and are more likely to lead rounds at the pre-seed stage. In almost all cases we co-invest alongside angels and other early-stage VC Funds. If we lead your round we will look to bring in other investors who will bring substantial value to your company.

Do RLC Ventures invest outside of the UK?

Owing to the fact that we are an EIS and SEIS fund, we cannot invest in companies that are incorporated outside of the United Kingdom. If you are pre-incorporation and considering starting your company here, then you can read more about the benefits of the EIS and SEIS schemes for founders. Read more here.

What is RLC Ventures' ticket size? 

Our average ticket size is between £75,000 to £400,000.

What do you mean by Global Ambitions?

We love capital efficiency. From our experience, founders with links (professional or otherwise) to global markets have the ability to build exceptional teams at a fraction of the cost as UK only companies.

What does RLC Ventures bring to the table?

We leverage our large network of experts and successful founders to assist the development of your company. We pride ourselves on making relevant B2B introductions to accelerate the growth of your business, readying you for series A and beyond. We are there for our founders whenever asked upon and our office in London is open to all of our portfolio companies to use as they wish. For more information, read our section on Working With Us.

What's the best way to get in touch?

Either email, reach out to one of our team members on LinkedIn or get a referral from someone in your network and send over details such as a pitch deck and any other relevant information. We receive a lot of emails so it may take a couple of days before we get back to you. We hope to get back to all requests but if we have for some reason not responded, please send us a follow-up email.