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Investment Criteria

We only invest in a handful of startups each year - all of which fit the following criteria.
Investing in companies that make change.

Through RLC Ventures funds, investors are able to access the opportunity to invest in the most exciting and fast growing technology companies in the UK.

We back B2B Software, Fintech and Entertainment companies. You can read more about our Investment Criteria here.

The RLC Investment team is highly experienced, having founded and sold global technology companies over the years. You can read more about them here.

Last Fund I Exit

Track Record

Our Track Record has been recognised by industry awards and existing investors alike. We continue to enact our original strategy, and strive to continue to deliver consistent returns going forward. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Source: RLC Ventures.

Our Unique Approach

UK Technology Companies with an emerging market footprint. We are the only fund in the market offering a portfolio with an expansive Emerging Market presence. The companies that we invest in will benefit from access to large target markets, talent and higher cost efficiency - all driving increased returns for our investors.

  • Software development costs 4X less on average
  • Reduced cash burn and increase in cash runway.
  • This leads enables our investment amount to go further, resulting in a higher chance of the company reaching its key milestones.
  • 86% of the worlds population now live in Emerging Economies.
  • They have displayed ~4.4% growth/yr, when compared to the ~2.6% of advanced economies. Source.
  • We believe that the next decade of opportunity will arise from Emerging Economies.

Cost Efficiency

Software development costs 4X less on average. (Based on RLC Ventures portfolio).

Reduced cash burn and increase in cash runway.

This enables our portfolio companies to take their capital further.

Talent Acquisition

Lower competition to acquire talent.

Pre-existing founder network can build pre-qualified and long-term teams in traditionally unknown markets.

This enables teams to their funding further and not to compete with the likes of Facebook, Apple, Google for talent in London.

Access to Larger Markets

86% of the worlds population now live in Emerging Markets.

We believe that the next decade of opportunity will arise from these economies.

Investing in Change


Changing the way we play games.

Labworks is a studio producing a suite of Voice games on Google and Alexa devices. The games are predominantly designed for families and helping to reduce screen time. So far they have reached 5m players globally and won numerous awards.You can play here.

Emerging Market DNA: Labworks development team are based in the Ukraine. Their access to high quality development talent for a lower cost base has enabled them to scale further and remain more cost efficient.


Changing online retail.

Greendeck leverages artificial intelligence to help online brands and retailers with dynamic pricing and competitive intelligence.This enables their customers to make better pricing and promotion decisions, increasing revenue and improving profits.

Emerging Market DNA: Greendeck's team are predominantly based in Indore, India. They have access to top Machine Learning and artificial intelligence talent at 1/4 of the cost of the UK.

Scribeless EIS Investment


Changing the way we sell.
Scribeless creates handwritten letters at scale which helps transform words into effective marketing campaigns. Whether sending ten or ten thousand letters, Scribeless delivers quality correspondence that encourages brand loyalty and nurtures intimate business-customer relationships.

Emerging Market DNA: Scribeless are headquartered in Bristol in the South West of England, resulting in much lower overheads. They also have an engineering effort in India.

Fund Benefits

Through RLC Ventures funds, investors are able to access the opportunity to invest in the most exciting and fast growing technology companies in the UK. All investments made will fall under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) ensuring investors can qualify for a range of tax reliefs. You can read more about the SEIS and EIS schemes here.

Tax Reliefs
Investors will be able to claim between 30-50% Tax Relief from their annual income tax bill. Please note, the relief will be subject to each individuals tax circumstance.

Venture Pledge
We are the only fund globally who pledge a portion of our proceeds to social and charitable causes chosen by our founders.

We offer our investors a varied and diverse portfolio of between 10-15 companies per fund.

Fund Overview

Minimum Investment
Close Date
Open Year Round
12 - 18 Months
Partner Commitment
£10,000 - £50,000 per company
Targeted Gross Return
Exit Expectations
Target 5-7 years for liquidity.

Independent Reviews

"In less than three years, the Fund successfully exited a gaming company (SEIS) at 38x capital invested Fund 1 (2years) & Fund 2 – 3.8x (7 months)"


"Early backers of RLC Ventures have been well rewarded and are committed to building on this promising early track record"

- Wealthclub

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my money invested in?

Upon successfully onboarding as an RLC Ventures fund investor, the full subscription amount will be invested into SEIS and EIS qualifying companies. The companies must possess excellent founding teams, be on-track to generating revenue and have a working product.

RLC Ventures focuses on technology companies that are software only, due to their scaleability and increasingly large global demand. The three categories we focus on are B2B Software, Fintech and Entertainment.

We aim to invest in between 10-15 companies per fund in order to maintain a diverse portfolio for our investors.

Do the RLC Ventures team invest their own money in the fund?

RLC Ventures Partners and team will always invest at least £10,000 to £50,000 in each deal personally in order to ensure alignment of interests.

It is company policy not to place our own interests before the investors.  RLC complies with SFCCP’s Conflicts of Interest Policy (which is available upon request).

Do all the companies you invest in qualify for EIS and SEIS relief?

All investments made will fall under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) ensuring investors qualify for a range of tax reliefs. You can read more about the SEIS and EIS schemes here.

How do you positively impact wider society?

Through our Venture Pledge, we give back a percentage of our proceeds to social or charitable causes as chosen by our founders at the time of investing.

How quickly are my funds deployed?

We aim to deploy funds over a 12-18 month period, following investor subscriptions.

How do you source deals?

We source deals from a variety of sources. Our deal flow comes from three main sources: inbound, referral and outbound. Outbound typically consists of attending events, online outreach and others methods, whilst inbound comes mainly through the application form on our website.

What Due Diligence do you undertake?

We undertake extensive Strategic Due Diligence on all investment opportunities that reach the Investment Committee stage. This typically involves employer and customer reference calls, company and director questionnaires.

How is Capital Returned?

Capital is returned to investors when a transaction involving portfolio company shares takes place. This can come in many formats such as a sale to later stage investors, management buyouts, listing on the Stock Market or sales to secondary markets.

How do I receive Tax Relief?

Upon deployment in EIS and SEIS eligible opportunities, investors will receive their EIS3/SEIS3 certificates for each investment. Investors can use these certificates to claim tax relief through their self-assessment tax return.

This can be done against the tax year that the investment was made or the year before (1 year carry-back). We will send your certificates to you as we receive them.

When is the next fund close?

We typically do two closes a year. One in the Autumn, and one in the Spring, prior to the end of the tax year.

If you would like to enquire about the next close, please email

How do I invest?

Please ensure you have read the documents in the 'Fund Documents' section below. Once you have done so, please click the 'Request IM' button below and download the Investment Memorandum. Following that, one of our team will be in touch shortly.

What are the risks?

Investment in SEIS/EIS funds should be viewed as higher risk/speculative as the companies in which the fund invests are unlisted and will not be quoted on an regulated market. Therefore, there will not be an established or ready market for any such shares resulting in a lack of liquidity making it difficult to sell shares.  

Investee companies can be difficult to value and we invest in early-stage/startups which are recently formed and will have no substantive operating history upon which to evaluate future prospects.  The success of the investee company (and therefore the fund(s)) may be largely dependent upon the ability of the Directors to deliver against stated objectives.  We invest in companies which have an operational or logistical presence in emerging markets.  

Emerging markets and economies are generally deemed less well-regulated than those in the UK.  There is an increased likelihood of geo-political and economic instability and a fund investing in such markets may be affected by fluctuating currency exchange rates.  Therefore, you should be aware that investment in these markets and economies may be viewed as carrying more risk.

What are the fees?

Management Fees are 1.6% + VAT, 3 years upfront and 4 years accrued.

20% Carried Interest upon return of Principal and Management Fees.

Fund Documents

It's incredibly important that you read these documents, paying particular attention to any risks that may be involved when investing. We also advise that you seek financial guidance and advice before investing.