Why We Invested in Scribeless

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RLC Ventures has led a £420k round of equity finance in Bristol based Scribeless, which has developed a software that can learn anyone’s handwriting and robotics that re-create the idiosyncrasies and nuances of human writing. This technology has seen the likes of Super-Seed Ventures and Ascension Ventures and a number of notable angels also committing to the round.

The investment will be used to help recruit great talent for the company as well as for marketing purposes to increase their global footprint.

“We backed Scribeless because the team is genuinely superb. They have proven themselves whilst previously running a business and both Rob and Alex (Co-Founders) have complimentary personalities that will improve their efficiencies and decision making. The product is great! I couldn’t tell the difference between something I’d written and the copy, not to mention the market opportunity is huge with the likes of Barclays and Panasonic already using their unique software” –  Reece Chowdhry (Founder & CEO)

Overview of The Problem & The Market Opportunity

With a huge struggle to appear authentic when marketing your brand, personalisation goes a long way, just take a look at the man who built a £1bn business off writing handwritten letters. The team at Scribeless have brought back what so many people have missed out on as one of the best communication and engagement tools around.

With 95%+ open rates, 35%+ engagement rates and a huge element of personalisation. Scribeless is making it accessible for brands, bankers and business owners to access a unique customisation tool at a scale not previously possible. £4.4bn is currently spent annuallyon advertising and business direct mail, with over £10bn also spent on greeting cards annually.

Through Scirbeless, a unique low cost opportunity for marketers has emerged, offering higher levels of engagement and personalisation.

Our Investment Thesis

The founding team at Scribeless has vast experience having started their own previous company and worked at the likes of JP Morgan. The characters of the founders complement each other well and their background of studying together suggests that they will have few hurdles in terms of personality and ego clashes.

What RLC Ventures likes most:

Competitive Advantages:

Overall, we were impressed by a strong founding team, their focus on data-based decision making, operational rigour, and a persistent focus on customer delight, backed by a large market opportunity in the marketing and personalisation space. All of this resulted in us leading a £420k round into The Handwriting Company. We are  thrilled to work with Rob and the team in building a great household name together.

They currently operate in Bristol and you will soon see their letters everywhere - but it’s likely you wont know it!

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