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This edition of Seed Weekly saw a $10m seed round in Nigeria as well as the first appearance from an Armenian startup, Podcastle.
🇳🇬 Nigeria - $10m
🇬🇧 United Kingdom - $9.8m
🇮🇪 Ireland- $6.2m
🇮🇳 India - $2.6m
🇮🇱 Israel - $2.5m
🇦🇲 Armenia- $1.75m

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Figures this week:

Funding rounds covered:

Countries covered:

Largest round:

Estimated funds raised:

~$32,500,000 (not all covered below)

Categories & countries:

Most rounds:

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Largest Round:
🇳🇬Kuda ~$10m
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🇳🇬Nigeria - $10m

Kuda Bank Logo

Raised: $10m (Seed)
Category: Banking, Fintech, Financial Services
Description: A no-fee full-service digital-only bank with its own stand-alone banking license, making banking affordable for all Africans on the planet.
Investors: SBI Investment, Entrée Capital, Target Global and others.

Location: Laos, Nigeria.

🇬🇧 United Kingdom - $9.8m

Raised: $2.9m (Seed)
Category: Fintech, Payments, Financial Services

Description: Paid Guarantees immediate payment for freelancers and small businesses on completed work. The Paid platform offers free client management, contracting and invoicing. Freelancers and small businesses can use Paid's immediate payment service to get paid immediately on completion of work for a fee.
Investors: Crane Venture Partners.
Location: Durham, United Kingdom.

Juggle Jobs Logo

Juggle Jobs

Raised: $2.1m (Seed)
Category: HR, Recruiting, SaaS, Software

Description: Juggle is a SaaS platform for the future of work. It provides a digital recruitment platform that helps businesses to find and support experienced flexible professionals.
Investors: Social Capital, Oxford Capital Partners, Charlie Songhurst, 7PercentVentures and others.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Purple Dot Logo

Purple Dot
Raised: $1.7m (Seed)
Category: Retail, E-Commerce, Shopping

Description: Purple Dot e-commerce plugin lets retailers/merchants sell sooner to shoppers who are willing to wait. This helps bring products to market faster, test demand or avoid deep discounts.
Investors: Connect Ventures, AI Seed, Moxxie Ventures and others.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Cado Security Logo

Cado Security
Raised: $1.5m (Seed)
Category: Cybersecuirty, Enterprise Software, Software

Description: Cado Security builds a software platform for responding to cyber-security threats and performing digital forensics.
Investors: TenEleven Ventures.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Edge Logo

Raised: $1.5m (Seed)
Category: Games, Smart Contracts, Payments

Description: Data-driven contracting and payment platform optimising contracting, payment and data solutions.
Investors: Green Egg Ventures and others.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Guardara Logo


Raised: $120k (Seed)
Category: Cybersecurity, Software

Description: Guardara focuses on fuzz testing, a software testing technique for discovering coding errors and security loopholes.
Investors: Techstars.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

🇮🇪Ireland - $6.2m

Provizio Logo

Raised: $6.2m (Seed)
Category: AI, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles
Description: Provizio is an accident prevention technology company that uses AI software and a five-dimensional sensory platform to prevent accidents.
Investors: Act Venture Capital, European Innovation Fund and others.

Location: Limerick, Ireland.

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🇮🇳 India - $2.6m

Uolo Technology Logo

Uolo Technology
Raised: $2.6m (Seed)
Category: EdTech, Education, IT
Description: Uolo Technology is founded by paranoid parents who want to make a difference to the preschool experience. The company has been a pioneering force in childcare management since its inception in August 2013.
Investors: Omidyar Network and Blume Ventures.

Location: Bangalore, India.

🇮🇱 Israel - $2.5m

Riverside.fm Logo

Raised: $2.5m (Seed)
Category: Media, Software, Audio
Description: Riverside.fm is a platform that enables local recording of lossless audio and 4K video tracks independent of internet connection speed. It enables anyone, from individual podcasters to enterprise brands and media companies, to record studio-quality interviews from anywhere with no loss in recording quality.
Investors: Zeev Ventures.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.

🇦🇲 Armenia - $1.75m

Podcastle Logo

Raised: $1.75m (Seed)
Category: Audio, News, AI, Machine Learning
Description: Podcastle converts text news and articles to a podcast, with very natural human speech using machine learning.
Investors: Sierra Ventures, Correlation Ventures and others.

Location: Yerevan, Armenia.