Dev Ops Startups 'In Vogue' this October

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A lot of Dev Ops and Dev Tools being funded across Europe in 2020.

🇮🇱 Israel - $20.9m
🇬🇧 United Kingdom - $14m
🇩🇪 Germany - $8m
🇫🇷 France - $1.6m
🇸🇪 Sweden - $1m

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Figures this week:

Funding rounds covered:

Countries covered:

Largest round:

Estimated funds raised:

~$45,000,000 (not all covered below)

Categories & countries:

Most rounds:

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Largest Round:
🇮🇱Cyberpion $10-15m
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🇮🇱 Israel - $20.9m

Cyberpion Logo

Raised: $8.25m (Seed)
Category: Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity, Network Security
Description: Cyberpion is an Israeli cyber-security startup that develops HackerPOV product that maps organizations.
Investors: Team 8 Capital and Hyperwise Ventures.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Frontegg Logo


Raised: $5m (Seed)
Category: SaaS, Developer Tools, Developer Platform
Description: Frontegg describes itself as SaaS-as-a-service - has technology gone too far? Essentially it is a one-stop-shop platform for SaaS applications, providing a full set of SaaS building block features for quick integration.
Investors: Global Founders Capital, Pitango Venture Capital and i3 Equity Partners.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.

NeuraLegion Logo


Raised: $4.7m (Seed)
Category: Cybersecurity, Security Networks, AI, Dev Tools
Description: NeuraLegion is an AI-powered application security platform that integrates application security into SDLC.
Investors: Incubate Fund, DNX Ventures, Fusion Fund and J Ventures.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Solvo Logo

Raised: $3m (Seed)
Category: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Security, Software
Description: Solvo allows developers and DevOps to deliver a cloud product with a lease-privileged security configuration.
Investors: TLV Partners and Surround Ventures.
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.

🇬🇧 United Kingdom - $14m

Condense Reality Logo

Condense Reality

Raised: $1m (Seed)
Category: Volumetric Video, Broadcasting.

Description: Real-time volumetric video recording and distributions for broadcasters and content creators. Read more here.
Investors: RLC Ventures and SFC Capital.
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom.

Edgify Logo

Raised: $6.5m (Seed)
Category: Machine Learning, AI, Computer Vision

Description: Edgify is a developer of a predictive personalization technology used to train entire data sets for comprehensive analysis.
Investors: Octopus Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Kama Logo


Raised: $3m (Seed)
Category: Health Care, Wellness, Sexual Health

Description: Kama is a sexual wellbeing app that combines modern science and ancient wisdom into easy-to-follow daily practices.
Investors: January Ventures and Female Founders Fund.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Stotles Logo


Raised: $1.82m (Seed)
Category: Health Care, Wellness, Sexual Health

Description: The SaaS platform for government procurement - unlocking the potential of business and government working better, together.
Investors: FJ Labs, Speedinvest, 7Percent Ventures, Charlie Songhurst and others.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Humley Logo


Raised: $900k (Seed)
Category: AI, Machine Learning, Customer Service

Description: Humley uses AI and Natural Language Processing to power enterprise conversational assistants, delivering significant efficiencies.
Investors: Mercia.
Location: Northampton, United Kingdom.

Artificial Artists Logo

Artificial Artists

Raised: $600k (Seed)
Category: 3D Technology, Animation

Description: Artificial Artists makes 3D animation more accessible to digital media.
Investors: Mercia and Triple Point Ventures.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

🇩🇪Germany - $8m

Fastic Logo

Raised: $5m (Seed)
Category: Fitness, Mobile, Health Care
Description: Fastic is a fasting app. Combatting trends of overconsumption, the company’s mission is to bring intermittent fasting to the masses in an easily digestible, digitized way, helping users reconnect to their body’s natural needs.
Investors: Rolf Schromgens (CEO of Trivago) and others.

Location: Berlin, Germany.

Gitpod Logo


Raised: $3m (Seed)
Category: Developer Tools, Enterprise Software
Description: Gitpod is an open-source developer platform automating the provisioning of ready-to-code development environments
Investors: Speedinvest, Crane Venture Partners, Vertex US and others.

Location: Kiel, Germany.

🇫🇷France - $1.6m

Koyeb Logo

Raised: $1.6m (Pre-Seed)
Category: F
Description: Koyeb claims to be the fastest platform to deploy and run serverless data processing apps.
Investors: Plug and Play, Kima Ventures, Acequia Capital and others.

Location: Paris, France.

🇸🇪 Sweden - $1m

NAG Studios Logo

NAG Studios
Raised: $1m (Seed)
Category: E-Sports, Gaming, Livestreaming
Description: NAG is dedicated to creating the next generation of competitive experiences for gamers. Overall, the startup aims to integrate top streamers and pro players to build an ambitious game that is made for players, streamers and viewing audiences alike. EU Startups has more here.
Investors: LVP and Antler.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden.

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